Cuddle Paws and our Food


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Cuddle Paws specialise in providing affordable and healthy diet options for all type of pets, but we really want to educate this nation of animal lovers of how a simple change in food choice can really boost your pets health and happiness.

Here at Cuddle Paws our Nutritionist share the same view that hypoallergenic dog food and hypoallergenic cat food should be the staple diet from puppies and kittens to old age. Gone are the days where we as humans can choose to ignore how our diet affects our health and as a nation we strive to be healthier by eating the right balance of vitamins, proteins and nutrients to keep us fit and healthy. More and more people are being diagnosed with intolerance such as celiac disease or intolerance to wheat, dairy, and red meat. It is no surprise to us humans that as our diets and the diets of all generations evolve, that we have used this knowledge for our beloved pets and have develop hypoallergenic pet food for all ages including hypoallergenic puppy food, hypoallergenic kitten food, hypoallergenic food for senior dogs and senior cats, and a range of tasty hypoallergenic dog treats and cat treats.